It is important to have an idea about what you want from your site.  It helps us tremendously when all of the things are in order before we begin the build.  So feel free to sit down and brainstorm on how you want your site to look, feel and act.

Here are a few things to think about when planning on having us build your website:

  • Brainstorm about your website.  What do you want it to look like?  What do you want it to do?
  • Look to other sites for ideas for a layout, or features that you like.  List these sites so we can reference them.
  • List keywords that you would use to describe what you do and what you want to offer to the world.  If you were looking for you, what would you type into Google?

We also want to give you as much control as possible, so when we build a site for you, we like for you to have your own host and for the domain to be in your name.  Things like this need to be done before we do any work on the site.  We will have a consultation before you sign up for hosting so that we can figure out the best option for you.

Choose a domain name.  This is how people will find you and is one of the most important things that Google takes into account when listing your site in it’s search results.  If you haven’t purchased your domain yet, I highly recommend having a conversation with us before you purchase your domain name.

Choose a host.  I recommend Hostmonster.  (I have been working with them for years and they have the best support with a very easy to use interface.  I have recommended so many people to them that have returned pleased, that I have decided to be an affiliate for them.  So if you click the link here, they pay us a small sum for the referral.  But even if you don’t click the link, please use hostmonster).   Please do not use GoDaddy.

[li color=’#5083f9′]The next step is to choose a theme.  There are thousands of themes out there, but the best ones go through ThemeForest.  I am very good at choosing themes that have the functionality needed, but it is helpful for you to get an idea of what is possible.

When building the site, it is helpful if we have lots of content to choose from.  Gathering this content is crucial for a site to built in a timely manner.

Gather all of the content that you have.  Images, text, colors, fonts, movies, anything that you like that we can pull from in order to make the site.  The more content you have, the less we have to find or make.  That can get pricey.  So the more you can have to start, the better.

We look forward to collaborating on this project with you!