Web Design

From shopping carts to social media integration and everything in between, Digital Empathy has the skill, know-how and ambition to assist you in achieving your dream website.  We specialize in custom websites using the popular content management system, WordPress.  Wordpress allows you to easily add all the content that you desire.

We can make a number of different styles of sites, from the basic intro site to highly complex, completely custom portals.  All website needs are different and you have a many options, and we can help you figure out what it is that you need.  Each website is priced on a per project basis.


The basic website – consisting of 4-7 pages, is an introduction to who you are and the product(s) or service you provide.  The pages are basic text and image content pages and includes a bio page, contact page and other pages that will fit your particular project. You may outfit this site with single upgrades if you aren’t needing to go all the way to the intermediate site, or want to build your site in steps.
The intermediate site – includes 6-9 pages and is a more in-depth site that can include things like galleries, portfolios, social media integration.  This level also includes some aesthetic customization.
The custom/advanced site – can have of any number of pages and is a completely custom design and visual branding.  Any site including commerce/shopping features is in this category. Includes sites requiring original features to be programmed.

Most websites include 7 hours of free consultation time, which can include many different things from tutorials on how to update your site to talking about search engine optimizing (SEO) options.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information and a pricing.