Josh Davis

Influenced and inspired by the divine design of the universe, Josh strives to understand and transmit the nature of being. Versed in multiple modalities of healing, technology and collaboration in conjunction with a make-it-work ingenuity, Josh brings a sense of integration into a disconnected world.

Josh’s biggest strength lies in his Geminine ability to learn any skill or technology with ease alchemized with his Virgoan sense of structure to allow those new skills to permeate all of his creations.  He is a perpetual teacher and student of life, planet Earth and all of it’s inhabitants.

Josh started Digital Empathy, a web service geared toward helping people to embrace all technologies; digital, organic, galactic, extradimensional, interpersonal, omniexistential and beyond.  He also founded and directs The Human Mandala Project, an initiative to facilitate the coming together of beings to oscillate vibration through resonating geometric forms using the most powerful energy conductor of all, our avatar vehicles.

His intentions are to bring perspective shattering experiences to the masses, furthering benefiting the collective consciousness and facilitating a shift to a higher vibration.  This occurs by meeting people where they are at | physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually | and offering them the next step in their evolution.

Pete Silva

Both an artist and a scientist, Pete has been honing his skills on the web since 1999, and skills with interactive media since 2005. He’s seen the web evolve from simple hand-coded HTML pages to fully AJAX-enabled, dynamic database-backed web applications. Pete brings to the table a strong background in PHP/LAMP stack web application development, and can create anything from the simple WordPress site of a few pages all the way to complex rich internet applications. Additionally, his skills of front-end/Javascript development and design allow for the creation of smooth user interface experiences.

Pete’s interest in interactive media brings in an element of artistry and exploration where he enjoys more than anything to use new forms of technology to express and invent new kinds of art. Some mediums used in this include Flash, Arduino, intelligent LED pixel arrays/displays, various sensors, electronics/robotics, projectors, VDMX/Resolume/Modul8, Quartz Composer, Ableton Live, MaxMSP and numerous other audio/visual type software and hardware. He is happy to provide services that blend together all these skill sets to aid your your current endeavor.